Integrated Bioengineering is proud to announce we have hired Water System Designer Tommy Combs to join our Water Process Team.

As a Water System Designer with Integrated Bioengineering, Tommy will assist in the execution of all things water! This includes water project design services, water product development, and drafting technical articles that help growers understand water-related topics.

Tommy is a Cincinnati local working toward a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He believes this is a great opportunity to be working full-time alongside a Professional Engineer at Integrated Bioengineering. He knows developing an understanding of industrial water process will be valuable alongside other professional skills like design, drafting, and technical writing. These are all tools he sees to help humanity move towards a more sustainable future.

Before working as a Water System Designer for Integrated Bioengineering, Tommy worked at 80 Acres Farms. Here he gained an interest and appreciation for the complexity of the indoor horticulture industry. This working experience also allowed him to understand how plants are grown commercially, and how to be versatile to support the growth of a newly formed, quickly growing business.

During his free time, Tommy likes to go to a park for a hike or to the gym to train. He is interested in strength sports and enjoys watching strongman competitions. A personal goal of his is to compete in the Ohio Strongman games and other local competitions.

Integrated Bioengineering supports innovative indoor growers with efficient climate, water, energy, and process-related solutions. Our integrated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs help growers prevent costly mistakes and avoid unnecessary surprises. We ensure cultivation systems and horticultural technologies are successfully integrated into a holistic building plan. Our mission is to become the go-to cannabis consulting engineers in the Midwest.

Our vision is to help cultivators create a more sustainable tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about Integrated Bioengineering and how our cultivation process engineers can help, contact us today at 513.609.4577 to schedule a free consultation.

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