28 April 2021

John KaemmererIntegrated Bioengineering is proud to announce that John Kaemmerer has joined our Board of Advisors. He will serve as General Business Advisor and be an integral part of our Board.

John’s extensive background and experience has taught him how to be a trusted business partner who develops winning strategies, builds successful business cases, and gains alignment to achieve profitable growth in highly complex businesses. He has worked in diverse cultures, geographies, regulatory environments, and has 20+ years of experience in Corporate/Business Development, Finance/Accounting and Strategic Planning. All of these experiences have sharpened his ability to assimilate information quickly, think strategically and act decisively.

John earned his MBA from Indiana University and has a proven track record of achieving profitable growth within publicly-traded and privately-held organizations operating in both global and domestic environments. He has worked in the areas of healthcare, branded consumer goods, agricultural, retail, and industrial manufacturing while consistently demonstrating the capability to solve challenging problems and deliver results.

Throughout his career, John has successfully led multiple corporate development programs generating more than $70 million in incremental EBITDA on $322 million of top line growth and greater than $115 million in proceeds from divestitures, respectively. He has also restructured and reorganized business units to achieve $46 million of operational savings, implemented best practices, and aligned new organic and inorganic business opportunities with organizations’ goals and objectives.

In addition, John previously co-founded a private equity (PE) backed startup as the senior financial executive within the organization, which ultimately led to a successful exit. Most recently, he has served as a fractional, strategic CFO leveraging his collective strategic and financial business skills to make meaningful contributions to the growth of small to medium-sized businesses like Integrated Bioengineering!

Supporting his industry and community is important to John. He volunteers his time as an Advisory Board Member of early-stage companies, and volunteers as a mentor for Cincinnati-based organizations within the entrepreneurial ecosystem such as Cintrifuse, Hamilton County Development Center, Queen City Angels, and University of Cincinnati’s Venture Labs.

Integrated Bioengineering supports innovative indoor growers with efficient climate, water, energy and process-related solutions. Our integrated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs help growers prevent costly mistakes and avoid unnecessary surprises. We ensure cultivation systems and horticultural technologies are successfully integrated into a holistic building plan. Our mission is to become the go-to cannabis consulting engineers in the Midwest. Our vision is to help cultivators create a more sustainable tomorrow.

If you would like to learn more about Integrated Bioengineering and how our cultivation process engineers can help, contact us today at 513.609.4577 to schedule a free consultation.

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