30 October 2019



Integrated Bioengineering was founded by Brad Hull, PE. He noticed the multi-faceted challenges owners experience while developing commercial controlled environment agriculture (CEA) operations. His solution was to assemble a multi-disciplinary professional team and cannabis engineering company to help solve the challenges described below.


  • Long and complex business planning cycles due to a multitude of market, budget, geographic, regulation, and design-related factors
  • High capital costs associated with intensive CEA projects and initial mistakes are common and expensive to resolve
  • Diverse and specialized technical skills required to be successful including plant science, chemical, mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and architectural
  • Existing building design professionals have little experience with the unique biological factors of CEA projects
  • Regulators are unfamiliar with CEA and have not developed applicable building codes
  • Complex global supply chain for sourcing specialty agricultural technology and integrated building management systems

11/15: Secured Financial Advisor to Help Build Cannabis Engineering Company

A strong, cross-functional team is required to develop winning strategies. This includes understanding how to efficently finance a developing business.

12/15: Attended MJBIZCON 2019

MJBIZCON is the largest cannabis business event in the world

01/01: Teamed with Electrical Engineer To Help Build Cannabis Engineering Company

You cannot be an integrated cannabis engineering company without a qualified electrical engineer. This is why Integrated Bioengineering has teamed up with John Chapman, PE, LC, LEED AP for the design of power, lighting, fire alarm, and backup power systems for indoor cultivators.

02/01: Secured SCORE Small Business Advisors to Help Build Cannabis Engineering Company

For over 50 years, SCORE has served as America’s premier source of free business mentoring and education. As a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs through mentoring, workshops and educational resources since 1964.”

02/28: Secured a Certificate of Authorization (COA) to Practice Engineering in Ohio

Engineering firms must register in each state where they offer or provide services. This allows them to include using the term “engineer” on websites, letterheads, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, and other social media.

03/30: Created Climate Management Guide for Multi-State Operator (MSO)

Integrated Bioengineering spent 5 weeks onsite at NDA farms providing support by commissioning a greenhouse climate management system. Our service included troubleshooting, documentation, controls programming, and vendor coordination. The final work product was a climate management guide with recommendations to better manage cannabis cultivation compartments.

05/01: Launched Informational Website for Cannabis Engineering Company

The site was started with a domain identical to the company name ( Who can or would want to type that in? This led us to a simpler domain ( that was easier to say, type, and find online.

06/4: Registered Trademark for Cannabis Engineering Company

Trademarks convey attributes and a message about your company and its reputation, products, and services.

Integrated Bioengineering, LLC. Trademark
U.S. Serial Number: 88243165

The word “INTEGRATED” in large red capitalized letters boldly states our strategic approach – vertical integration. The focus of our practice is on Bioengineering applications, or projects that require knowledge in both plant biology and engineering sciences.

The encircled broken triangle symbolizes a lot about the firm. The equilateral triangle hints of a greenhouse gable, while the broken nature of this triangle recognizes the different entities required to be successful. These pieces precisely align to fit together to complete a different form. The blue ring is a symbol of our holistic approach. The large proportion of white space is meant to convey a sense of cleanliness like that of a white lab coat.

06/11: Exhibited at the Ohio Marijuana Card Event

Integrated Bioengineering was an exhibitor at this local event to raise awareness for Ohio’s nascent medical cannabis industry.

07/14: Attended CULTIVATE 2019

CULTIVATE is the largest all CEA industry trade show and conference for the horticulture industry.

08/01: Teamed with Architect

You cannot be an integrated cannabis engineering company without a qualified architect. This is why Integrated Bioengineering has teamed with Jeremy Schlicher, LEED AP, NCARB to manage the holistic design process for indoor cultivators.

08/30: Submitted First Integrated Engineering and Design Contract

The Integrated Bioengineering team was grateful to have been invited to bid on the complete engineering and design for an indoor growing project in Detroit, MI.

09/08: Drafted First Technical Article to Help Indoor Cultivators

Illinois Cannabis Bill Requires Efficient Indoor Cultivation Facility Designs

09/25: Drafted First Technical Document to Help Growers

Indoor Cultivation Project Management Guide

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